Subject Lines or Captions

A helpful guide to the benefits of emails and images in your  digital marketing portfolio.

What's better for you?

One of the biggest challenges to coming up with a successful comprehensive marketing plan is figuring out the best channel for your content: emails or social media and location based ads.

Putting cost and budgets aside, the most important thing to figure out is which channel is most effective for your type of business and the content that you are sharing.

(infographic/decision tree)

Size Matters

Fresh or death

It's About that Action

Timing & Location

Pictures over Subject Lines

Do What Works

Hopefully these tips have been helpful in framing your marketing strategy. In the end what matters is to do what works.

A successful marketing strategy covers all the bases that fits your business, your content, and your audience: emails, paid social, earned social, signage and everything in between.

With Kazu, your wifi is a key support to all of your marketing choices: collecting emails from your customers, sharing your social media with shoppers in your neighborhood, analyzing the foot traffic in and around your business to measure the impact.