Your Pictures Matter

5 easy tips for posting better pictures

Take your pictures from basic to boss.

Pictures play a huge role in consumer purchasing decisions. In fact, pictures are the single most powerful tool to influence what shoppers buy:

- 63% of consumers say good images are more important than captions

- 53% find images more important than ratings or reviews

- including a photo with a restaurant menu item increases orders by 30%

Not only are your pictures are massively important - so is picture quality. Here we provide 5 quick tips we picked up to make your pictures better.

Got content?

Every business has a unique theme and focus for its social brand. Creating your visual story starts with content that represents you.

For this tutorial we're using  flowers.

But whether your jam is food, drinks, events, clothing - or flowers - the same advice applies.

Step 1: Use Natural Light

A well lit picture is easier to read and easier to edit.

Step 2: Turn on the Grid

Centering the object makes your image impactful.

Step 3: Be Bold

Strong colors and shapes make an impression.

Step 4: Get up Close

Getting closer exposes more detail.

Step 5: Hit The Angles

Shoot from different angles to find the best viewpoint.

And Voila!

5 simple steps to take your pictures from basic... beautiful.